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Charles "Carlos" Middleton,Sr.

Birth Sign: The Cusp of Power
Aries-Taurus/April 19-24
Country of origin: USA

Carlos hails from the "Windy City" of Chicago, Illinois. Since early age at Forrestville and Kozminski grammar schools, respectively, he was interested in music. Throughout his secondary school years, he was a member of the boys chorus, junior and senior acapella choirs, and the male quartet-a group that performed modern harmony style songs. He was an original member and lead singer of the Enchanters, a high school doo-wop singing group that performed in shows throughout the Chicago area. For a short while he even became the lead singer for another local rival doo-wop group called The Montclares.

In a book by Chicago area writer and author, Robert Pruter, Chicago Soul, Middleton is cited as a member of the Enchanters in which Pruter "vividly describes an enchanting time on the local music scene, when a handful of teenagers could taste rock and roll stardom with harmonies they cooked up on a street corner." (As stated by the Chicago Tribune's Bill Dahl's praise of Robert Pruter's doowop book.)

There is no doubt about Middleton being one of those many young aspiring teenage doowoppers that made his own contribution to the entertainment business. Although he loved being involved in the Chicago music scene, Carlos felt a higher calling; which was to serve his country. Immediately after graduating early from high school, he joined the United States Air Force. He served over 20 years both as an enlisted and commissioned officer; and is a Vietnam era veteran. During his tour of duty in the Air Force, while stationed in Spain, New Mexico, Philippines, Korea and Thailand he participated in talent shows and performed with local bands in night clubs and on the radio.

His drive to compose poems and songs was always strongly inspirational and committed. So much so, he says he would take a pencil, paper and flashlight to bed to jot down his compelling poetic and musical ideas. In 1976, in dedication to his mother, he composed a special song called "Mother's Day is Here Once Again (an Ode to my loving mother)." During that same year, he arranged, produced and recorded a 45rpm record of his Mother's Day song on his Primrose Recording label. On the flip side, was a song titled "Call It a Vision or a Dream (Time Brings About a Change);" dedicated to President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. Carlos received praise from both the Kennedy family and former President Ford for his musical talent and insightful creativity.

After a successful career in the Air Force, he retired and became an avid practitioner in alternative dispute resolution, as a certified mediator and arbitrator, while volunteering his time in helping others to resolve their disputes. However, continuing to be inspired, he has since returned to the studio working on new arrangements to his original songs, such as "This Feeling You Give is the Feeling of Love; You, Me, The Music and Romance; and, Let Your Love Keep Right On Flowing."

Carlos says he now wants to share his creativity and original artistry with the world: "As an independent songwriter and music producer, I strongly feel it would be quite selfish of me if I did not make a concerted effort to share my inspirational compositions with others; with the world if I can! Now is the time, especially with advent of the internet and the potentials it affords independents like me. I am inspired even more than before."

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Founding Member Robert "Squirrel" Lester passes
--Jan 2010--
(Photo-far left). Marshall Thompson (front center)
Is The Only One Remaining.


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