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Electronic Village!  Popular

Category: Start / General
A Web Site dedicated to African Community issues!
Added on: 21-Sep-2007 | hits: 2965
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Chronicle of a Coup -Venezuela-April 2002  Popular

Category: Start / General
On April 12th 2002 the world awoke to the news that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been removed from office and had been replaced by a new interim government. What had in fact taken place was the first Latin American coup of the 21st century, and the world's first media coup...
Added on: 04-Dec-2006 | hits: 2744
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Military.Com  Popular

Category: Start / General
Serving the military community
Added on: 20-Jan-2007 | hits: 2119
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MotherTalkers!  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
Rants and raves on modern motherhood.
Added on: 02-Jan-2008 | hits: 2118
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Portagdgets-Mobile Phones  Popular

Category: Start / General
An online mobile phone retailer, cheapest on the internet.
Added on: 17-Jan-2007 | hits: 2007
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Spiral Universe  Popular

Category: Start / General
A Christian Community where people meet.
Added on: 12-Oct-2006 | hits: 1897
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Martin Luther King,Jr Center  Popular

Category: Start / General
History and works of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Added on: 02-Jun-2007 | hits: 1859
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web-art-links  Popular

Category: Start / General
Description: A Classified Directory of Art Web Links
Added on: 20-Feb-2008 | hits: 1840
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Mother's Day on the Net - The Story  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
The Story of Mother's Day The earliest Mother's Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 1812
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Amin Safari  Popular

Category: Start / General
Musician-Guitarist, Flemenco-Classical Style with fusion of other world sounds.
Added on: 02-May-2011 | hits: 1251
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Daily Kos-Political  Popular

Category: Start / General
A Political Web site that focusing mainly on the democrat left wingers.
Added on: 03-Jul-2006 | hits: 1158
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Mother's Day Fun  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
Be sure to check back daily for new ideas!!!! Once I receive your idea, it will be posted in this area within 48 hours. All ideas will be credited to the submitting author.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 780
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Happy Mothers Day  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
History of Mothers' Day, Some Motherly Advice, What the Bible says about Mothers
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 776
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Sway Body Fitness  Popular

Category: Start / General

Added on: 01-Dec-2013 | hits: 774
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BlackDog's Mother's Day Celebration  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
BlackDog's Mother's Day Celebration! Mothers are special people. BlackDog says, "Thanks for everything!" to mothers everywhere. Includes printable and online games, mazes, coloring pages, and gift ideas.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 762
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Happy Mother's Day celebrations, crafts, gifts, recipes, poems.  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day Time to tell your mother how special she is. Celebrate and greet her the best possible way.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 750
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Amazon Records  Popular

Category: Start / General

Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 705
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Category: Start / Mother's Day
"To the world you might just be one person, but to one person you might just be the world." ~Author Unknown~
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 699
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AMG-Association Management Group  Popular

Category: Start / General

Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 678
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Mother's Day at PrimaryGames  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day

Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 659
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FamilyCorner.com Magazine: Family : Holidays : Mothers Day  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
Here is a collection of links to other websites with Mother's Day holiday information. From crafts to recipes, stories and poems, inspiration.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 639
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Mother's Day Poems for Free  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
Here is some Mother's Day poetry that you are free to use for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 627
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Mother's Day on A Girl's World  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
Welcome to our Annual Mom-a-Thon!
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 615
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Mother's Day on about.com  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
On behalf of moms everywhere, thanks for making Mother's Day 2005 special! All deeds, presents, hugs and kisses, and simple thanks were heartfelt and so very much appreciated!
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 584
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Mother's Day Cards and Awesome Mom greetings all year by Awesome Cards  Popular

Category: Start / Mother's Day
AWESOME CARDS FOR MOMS for Mother's Day & all year. free.
Added on: 07-Mar-2006 | hits: 580
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--Jan 2010--
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